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We are a boutique provider of business training, coaching, mentoring and consultancy services - with a trademark focus on the development of soft skills. Call us today on 0845 301 1533 or contact us

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The Skills UniversityTM


Our training workshops cover a core curriculum of business skills - sales, customer service, leadership and enterprise. To explore these workshops, which are tailored to your exact requirements click here

the business ladder - training courses

The Business Lab.TV


Explore curated video content related to business, business skills and enterprise. For a selection of training videos, educational content, news / commentary and talks click here


Focus On Soft Skills

  • Tailored training focused on developing core 'soft skills'
  • 360° approach to achieving the skills and mindset for peak performance
  • Unique people-focused approach to organisational development

The Winning Edge

Soft skills are essential in any job or organisation, and make the difference between success and failure in your efforts.

To discuss your requirements please call 0845 301 1533 or register here

Building Better Business



No-Nonsense Approach

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We provide results-orientated training workshops and business development services to help you boost performance, productivity and profitability.

Many clients describe our straight-talking, sensible approach as a 'breath of fresh air'.